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Open Door Midwifery

The Birth of Tayge Snow

Born: August 14, 2008Weight: 8 pounds and 2 ouncesParents: Maia and Julio Lists and lists crossed off. Packing and more packing…everything was either in our house in Ticuman or in our minivan with us as we left from our apartment in Mexico City for the 2-hour drive. As we pulled out of the city, August […]

The Birth of Ashah, Averianna and Adalyn


Why we’re thankful for Open Door Midwifery Our first three children were born in the hospital and we were planning to do the same with our fourth. I loved the anticipation of another child but when it came to hospital births I never looked forward to the time consuming paperwork, lining up a sitter, leaving […]

The Birth of Israeh Orrin

Born: February 19, 2009Weight: 7 pounds and 8 ouncesParents: Amanda and Ross Ross was staying in Red Wing that Wednesday night (hour and fifteen minutes away) and Ameerah and I were at the apt. in Winona. Ameerah was having a bit of trouble staying asleep that night and finally I decided to have her come […]