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Open Door Midwifery

The Birth of Isaac

July 21, 2009 at 1:49 a.m.8 pounds, 6 ounces     21 inchesParents: Angie and Scott

The Birth of Aurora lone Kabat


Born: September 18, 2009 at 6:00 A.M.Weight: 6 pounds 4 ounces, 18 1/2 inchesParents: Katie and Michael It was a beautiful fall day when my husband, Michael, asked me to go for a hike at Effigy Mounds. I smiled as I said yes because it was a similar hike two years ago that encouraged our […]

The Birth of Liam Jakub


As I sit in my cozy living room, thankful for thick carpet, soft blankets and energy star windows, I also have to chuckle at the events of the last couple weeks. You see, not only am I being warmed by the aforementioned items, I’m also holding onto my own personal heater: a newborn baby. This […]

The Birth of Allia Joy

Born: 4/23/10 at 11:47 A.M.Weight: 8 pounds 2 ouncesParents: Joanne and Dave This was our second pregnancy, the first of which was in a hospital setting with a midwife attending.  As a former skeptic (I could never give birth at home-could I!?) I was forced to look into other alternatives when I learned that our […]

The Birth of Penelope Joe


Penny’s birth was epic in length, but not horrific in nature. I went into labor on Tuesday but it didn’t feel real until the evening hours when I started to have contractions that were noticeable enough to wake me every 10 minutes or so. We called the midwife to give her a heads up and […]

The Birth of Arlo Helix Peregrine

Born:May 3, 2011 7:25pmWeight: 8 lbs. 6 oz. 20.5 inches longParents:Gaia and Guerra Pre-labor lasted a few days, with slight contractions spaced one to three hours apart. Guerra and I kept up on walking the dogs and hiking. I took the dogs to Hixon Forest to hike one of the trails a few days after […]

The Birth of Jaxon


Born: 07/04/2012Weight: 9lbs & 28 oz Jaxon’s Birth Story – In Time for the Fireworks on the Fourth of July! We kicked off July 4th with a 38 week check up with Denise. At the appointment, I asked to be checked because I was curious if I’d progressed since last week – I was still […]

The Birth of Sipora


Where does a birth story begin? Perhaps ours would start when we first talked about being ready to bring a child into this wild world. We were sitting under the stars, and I poured out my heart to my husband, Joe, about being ready and wanting a child. Joe pointed out how the Big Dipper […]