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The Birth of Ashah, Averianna and Adalyn


Why we’re thankful for Open Door Midwifery

Our first three children were born in the hospital and we were planning to do the same with our fourth. I loved the anticipation of another child but when it came to hospital births I never looked forward to the time consuming paperwork, lining up a sitter, leaving the other children behind, wondering who would really be available to deliver the baby, the drive to the hospital while in labor or the drive home just after giving birth. But we continued to do hospital births not being familiar with the alternative.

When our fourth child was due to arrive we went to the hospital as usual. The staff sent us home not feeling I was in labor. Our beautiful baby girl was then born at home with her Daddy and Aunt assisting. It was the best birthing experience we had had. The only thing we felt could improve it was to have a midwife with us the next time around. I didn’t know of any midwives in the area at the time, so when we became pregnant with our fifth I was thrilled to find Denise advertised in the People’s Coop newsletter.

We have since been blessed with three home births with Denise. It is so much more enjoyable to labor, birth and recover at home. The benefits are endless, including the fact that the children get to meet their newest sibling immediately, even if the baby arrives at midnight!

Denise is full of wisdom and shares her information. Ultimately, when making decisions she respects the choices her clients make. We are very thankful for the time she takes to research any area that could be of concern. She uses natural remedies wisely and is always prepared to seek additional help if needed. We are extremely thankful for what a blessing home birthing has been in our lives.

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