Prenatal Care
The initial prenatal visit will be the longest visit, including a complete physical exam and lab work, unless you are transferring care from another provider and have already had this done. I will see most women on the regular schedule, which means every month until 28 weeks, then every 2 weeks until 36 weeks, then every week until delivery. This schedule may be altered (fewer visits or more visits) depending on individual needs of each client. Prenatal care is done in one of my two office locations, Viroqua or Westby.
For home birth clients, I do a home visit at 36 weeks to make sure the home is ready for your birth, check your supplies for birth, make sure I know how to get there, do your regular prenatal exam, and finalize plans for your birth.

Prenatal care includes nutritional counseling, general counseling, weight check, urine check for glucose and protein, blood pressure check, general physical exam for edema, reflexes and other potential problems, and checking in on how baby is doing by palpation of position and size, measuring fundal height and listening to fetal heart tones. Further fetal assessment will be done if I decide it is necessary for some reason. These include fetal movement counts done by you, and non-stress testing done by me in my office. If I feel you need an ultrasound assessment, or you request one, I will schedule it for you at the local hospital or clinic.