Postpartum Care
    Routine care after the birth

   ~ Check fundus, lochia and vital signs
   ~ Monitoring of baby’s transition to extrauterine life
   ~ Help establish breastfeeding
   ~ Perineal assessment, instructions for care, suturing if needed
   ~ Complete newborn exam which will be done next to mom
   ~ Help with diapering and dressing if requested
   ~ General instructions for the postpartum period
I will call you 12-24 hours after the birth. I will do a postpartum home visit between 24-36 hours of birth, and on the third day. I will do additional home visits within the first 2 weeks, if you or your baby have any problems. Depending on the problem, I may require that you or your baby see a physician. You will come to my office for your two week visit, and for the final postpartum visit 4-6 weeks after the birth. At that time we can discuss family planning and well-woman gynecological care.

Wisconsin and Minnesota require all babies to undergo newborn screening. The recommended time is within the first 3 days. I can do the newborn screen in your home, you can take the baby to your clinic to have it done, or in some cases the public health nurse will come to your home to do it.
Follow up Care